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NaturalMotion is a social gaming company based out of Oxford, England.  They have created two of the best racing games available for iOS users.  CSR Racing and CSR Classics are drag-racing games that are so deep and entertaining, you can play for hours and not know where the time went.  Iconic cars I’ve blogged about like the BMW 507, Lancia Stratos and Nissan Skyline 2000 are all in the CSR Classics version.  There is a great mix of both American and foreign cars in both versions of the game.  Hundreds of customizing options are there for some fun (and strategic) tuning. One knock on the game  is that you have to wait for your fuel to regenerate to race again.  For anyone who loves cars and has an iPad or iPhone, this is a must-have app!


’50s Friday

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1957 BMW 507

Let’s go back to the 50’s today huh? We can take a look at so many rides that fit the bill of a true classic but I’d like to look at one that is on the rise with collectors around the world. The BMW 507. It was BMW’s american influenced beauty that stuck a 160-HP V8 down into an all aluminum (yet very heavy) body. Despite it’s stunning looks the car never took off in America, mostly due to it’s price tag of over $9,000. It later became BMW’s inspiration for the Z8. Elvis Presley once owned one of these cars and swapped out the engine for a Ford Windsor 289 V8. These cars now fetch close to $900,000 at auction but I think that’s not it’s ceiling yet.

Elvis Presley returns from the war with his BMW 507. He purchased the car for $3500.