Sixties Saturday – Shelby Mustang G.T.500 CR 545 Convertible

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Classic Recreations' 1967 Ford Mustang G.T. 500 CR 545 Convertible
Classic Recreations’ 1967 Ford Mustang G.T. 500 CR 545 Convertible














When I think about the sixties, the first car that comes to mind is the Ford Mustang. There are so many great examples of re-imagined Mustangs from that era but I found a great one over at Classic Recreations. For a cool $149,000 they offer a beautiful variant of a 1967 Mustang convertible. The Shelby G.T.500 CR 545 Convertible is breathtaking in both presence and power. The details of craftsmanship are evident on their website and I’m sure it does no justice for the feeling you get seeing this car in person. It’s 427 C.I. crate engine pushes 545 horsepower through a Tremec transmission, down to the Z-rated performance tires wrapped around Shelby 427 wheels. I’d love to drive one of these. For now, I’ll just stare in wonder.


Fast & Fun for days!

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NaturalMotion is a social gaming company based out of Oxford, England.  They have created two of the best racing games available for iOS users.  CSR Racing and CSR Classics are drag-racing games that are so deep and entertaining, you can play for hours and not know where the time went.  Iconic cars I’ve blogged about like the BMW 507, Lancia Stratos and Nissan Skyline 2000 are all in the CSR Classics version.  There is a great mix of both American and foreign cars in both versions of the game.  Hundreds of customizing options are there for some fun (and strategic) tuning. One knock on the game  is that you have to wait for your fuel to regenerate to race again.  For anyone who loves cars and has an iPad or iPhone, this is a must-have app!